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Supercharging performance of your Hyper-V ‏

March 22, 2016 Leave a comment

If you are an expert in Hyper-V or just started playing with it, I recommend you download the Hyper-V ebook provided by Altaro.

The ebook is divided in 2 sections:  (1) Diagnosing and Remediating Performance Issues and (2) Planning is Better than Remediation.

It will help you better plan your next Hyper-V deployment and how could you make the most of your existing deployment, through practical hands-on tips as well as background information you will learn how Hyper-V (and virtualization in general) affects performance and how to find issues in storage, CPU, memory and network components. This is followed by a look at planning hosts, VMs, storage, networking and management for maximum performance.

What the book covers:

  • Diagnosing and remediating Storage, CPU, Memory, and Network performance issues
  • Using Windows Performance Monitor and PAL to facilitate system and VM monitoring
  • Manage planning of Hosts, VMs, Storage, Networking, to minimize the risk of performance issues
hyper-v pal report
You can download the ebook from here.



Overcome the challenges of Managing IT in a hybrid cloud world – FREE WHITEPAPER

March 7, 2016 Leave a comment
Overcome the challenges of Managing IT in a hybrid cloud world.

The IT world is increasingly hybrid, with cloud-based computing making major advances on many areas of on-premise computing. This has opened new opportunities for applications and services that would never have been possible before. Nonetheless, the monolithic “datacenter” of the past, with heavy concentrations of the products of a single vendor in place, has not been completely replaced by the Cloud. Instead, it has given way to a hybrid environment that includes physical datacenters and clouds, decades-old legacy systems, licensed and open-source applications and infrastructure components, and cloud-based services from many different vendors.

Savision’s newest whitepaper outlines a framework for approaching IT management that combines excellence in IT Operations with a strong focus on business impact of IT systems.
Download the whitepaper to find out:
 What are the different forces that are driving adoption and deployment of hybrid cloud architectures?
– What are the major trends that make today the most innovative environment ever for business, and also the most challenging IT management environment?
– What is the current state of hybrid cloud management offerings?
Download here the free whitepaper entitled: ‘Challenges of Managing IT in a Hybrid Cloud World’
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