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Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Cookbook

September 25, 2012 Leave a comment

Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Cookbook
I had a pleasure to be one of the tech reviewers of this book. I am sure you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed reviewing it.

Take advantage of numerous Hyper-V best practices for administrators
Get to grips with migrating virtual machines between servers and old Hyper-V versions, automating tasks with PowerShell, providing a High Availability and Disaster Recovery environment, and much more
A practical Cookbook bursting with essential recipes

What you will learn from this book

Learn to deploy, migrate and upgrade Hyper-V and virtual machines
Configure disks, network, memory, security and auditing settings for virtual machines
Take a deep dive into high availability and disaster recovery
Save time and money by getting to grips with PowerShell automation
Understand the new features around network virtualization, Shared Nothing Live Migration, Hyper-V Replica and much more
Gain a full view of your virtual machines and host servers with monitoring, reporting and troubleshooting tips
Take advantage of bonus appendice explaining Hyper-V architecture and the difference between versions


Click here to pre-order :



APP-V 5.0 Improvements

September 24, 2012 Leave a comment

App-V 5.0, currently in beta, is coming with lots of improvements:

  • No more Q: – Primary Virtual Application Directory (AKA Install to Location)
  • Stream Optimizing Packages :
    • On-demand streaming delivery (Default): A package created and skipping the stream optimization step will be streamed on-demand to the machine via stream faults.
    •  Stream optimized: A package that goes through stream optimization process contains a primary feature block and this entire block is streamed before launching.  This can be performed in the Stream Optimization step in the Sequencer, just like 4.6 SP1 release.
    •  Fully downloaded : The package will be fully downloaded before it can be launched.  There is a checkbox that allows you to specify all applications in the package to be fully downloaded.
  • Application Installers that require a reboot
  • Creating add-on/middleware Packages
•App-V 5.0 now allows multiple App-V packages to interact with each other through a concept called Virtual Application Connection.
•Unlike Dynamic Suite Composition in previous versions of the product, this is no longer a part of the Sequencing process so the add-on/middleware package creation process changes a little bit.
•To sequence an add-on package you’ll still see the same experience of natively installing the parent app, and then sequencing the add-on package.
•Once completed, these apps are connected together via Application Connection Groups.
  • Shortcut/File Type Association (FTA) Editing. A shortcut was supported in App-V 4, however the command-line in the shortcut always referenced sfttray.exe and then invoking your virtual application. Now, there is a direct reference.
  • Package Formats. The App-V 5.0 file format is very different from the previous formats.  A quick look at what the Sequencer now produces:
    • q.appv package.  This contains the sequenced application files, registry, stream map, and manifest.
    • qDeployment configuration and user configuration template files.  These template files are used to customize package functionalities on the client during run-time.
    • qReport.xml file.  This is a saved report of the Sequencing warnings and errors that occurred during the sequencing.
    • qMSI file.  This is the MSI that allows administrators to deploy sequenced packages via MSI.
The App-V 5.0 Sequencer comes with a PowerShell module called the Package Converter (allow conversion from 4.5).
  • Modifying an Existing Package
    • No OSD tab.  The new file format does not use OSD files.  Metadata about application shortcuts are stored in the manifest and custom scripts are stored in new Dynamic Configuration files.  Future blog posts will cover Dynamic Configuration in more detail.
    • The Virtual File System (VFS) tab has been replaced with a Package Files tab.  It is now possible to manipulate all files in the package, not just those in the VFS.
    • The deployment tab has fewer options: Compression is always enabled, MSI packages are always output, security descriptors cannot be overridden (they follow the ones in the files and registry), and packages no longer need streaming protocol information.
  • Do not requires of a unique 8.3-compliant name anymore. Now, all packages are executed under their unique (very long) GUID

In addition, to:

In addition to this we’ve also included:

  • Reporting:  App-V 5.0  now allows you to report on virtual application inventory and utilization, helping IT departments track software assets throughout the enterprise.
  • Integration with the System Center Configuration Manager 2012: With the upcoming release of Service Pack 1 for System Center Configuration Manager 2012, you will be able to manage App-V 5.0 virtual applications throughout their lifecycle.
  • End-to-end programmability: App-V 5.0  adds PowerShell automation to the management server and the sequencer. For those IT Pros who prefer to get under the hood you now have complete programmability and automation for virtual application management and packaging.

For more information about App-V and our other desktop virtualization tools please click here.


Windows 2012 Hyper-V : GUEST FIBER CHANNEL architecture

September 24, 2012 10 comments

Virtual Fibre Channel for Hyper-V is a new technology available in Microsoft Windows Server 2012, allows direct access to Fibre Channel (FC) shared storage by multiple guest virtual machine (VM) partitions.

  • Here are the characteristics of the Hyper GUEST FIBER CHANNEL
  • Up to four virtual HBAs assigned to each VM
  • WWNs assigned to each VM
  • Doesn’t require re-zoning
  • Storage with NPIV support required and utilized to surface VM ports on the host
  • Works with Live Migration

Some advantages :

  • Distributed Workload Clustering: The new Virtual Fibre Channel feature allows VM clustering across a Fibre Channel SAN, allowing clustered Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and other key applications to leverage a highly available, highly resilient, and highly scalable FC SAN infrastructure.

  • MPIO Functionality:
  • For host access;
  • Virtualization of workloads that requires MPIO;
  • To use different Device-Specific Modules (DSMs) for the host or each virtual machine, which allows live migration of the virtual machine configuration, including the configuration of DSM and connectivity between hosts, and compatibility with existing server configurations and DSMs.
  • Live Migration: Virtual Fibre Channel enables live migration of VMs without any reconfiguration of the SAN.
  • Simplifies storage connectivity for virtualized workloads to ultra-reliable, high-performance Fibre Channel SAN storage
  • Enables solutions that require shared storage, such as failover clustering, live migration, and multipath I/O (GUEST CLUSTERING)
  • Leverages and protects existing investments in Fibre Channel storage
  • Enables advanced FC SAN storage functionality for VMs and facilitates migration of FC workloads
  • Enables improved monitoring and troubleshooting, with visibility from the VM to the FC SAN storage
  • Enables centralized management of Ethernet and FC-based virtualized workloads

In resume, if you have an FC Storage with NPIV support, Virtual Fibre Channel for Hyper-V (also referred to as Synthetic Fibre Channel) provides VM guest operating systems with direct access to a Fibre Channel SAN by using a standard World Wide Name (WWN) associated with a virtual machine, plus allowing Live Migration and  direct access to SAN LUNs.

Australia : Windows 2012 Road Show. Built from the Cloud up!

September 18, 2012 1 comment

Windows Server 2012 Roadshow!

You are invited! But hurry! Limited seats available.

Join us for the ‘Windows Server 2012 Roadshow’. Unique opportunity to get knowledge from the best and understand how to build your own Private Cloud, as the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional show you his tips with the latest release.

Get a chance to talk about the challenges to build your Private Cloud and the new features included in Windows 2012 and SCVMM 2012 SP1 that will help your business get into the Private Cloud.

This series of events will run for 4 hours in each city and showcase 4 sessions of about 50 minutes, on a range of Windows Server 2012, Hyper-V and System Center 2012 topics. All topics will be presented by Alessandro Cardoso : Microsoft MVP and Dell Senior Technical Consultant.

Topics will include:


  • Scenarios for Server Virtualization
  • Hyper-V Enhancements, Mobility and Flexibility, System Center VMM 2012 SP1, plus:
  • Windows Server 2012 – Networking

Connect from anywhere, more working and less waiting, better network management via cost-aware networking. Sound interesting? This session provides a general overview, including many of the improvements to DirectAccess, BranchCache, and general networking improvements in Server 2012.

  • Windows Server 2012 – High Availability & Virtualisation

Do you need your applications and systems to be online all the time. Well listen closely. We will be covering the enhancements to Windows Server 2012 that will help keep your applications and systems online all the time. We will be covering a range of High Availability enhancements in Windows Server 2012. We will discuss, Hyper-V Replicas, Live Storage Migration, Disk De-Duplication and Network Teaming just to name a few.

You will not leave disappointed from this session. With so much to cover, you will not want this presentation to end.

Target audience

Decision makers, IT Professionals, IT Managers.

Cost Details

FREE. Event supported by Microsoft and Dell

Registration and venue details



Canberra, Brisbane and Melbourne : dates to be defined.

System Center 2012 SP1 : Public beta available. What’s new in SCVMM?

September 12, 2012 Leave a comment

System Center 2012 SP1 beta has just been public released

Here is what is new in System Center Virtual Machine 2012 SP1

Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012 Support
With this Beta release, all System Center 2012 SP1 components are now enabled to manage and run in a Windows Server 2012 environment.  System Center 2012 SP1  also now supports the use of SQL Server 2012.

Network Virtualization
With System Center 2012 SP1 you can take advantage of the Virtual Machine Manager’s ability to manage Hyper-V network virtualization across multiple hosts, simplifying the creation of entire virtual networks.


  • Extend the VMM console with Add-ins
  • Support for Windows Standards-Based Storage Management Service, thin provisioning of logical units and discovery of SAS storage
  • Ability to convert VHD to VHDX, use VHDX as base Operating System image
  • Support for vSphere 5.0 and Citrix XenServer 6.0
  • Performance enhancement

And much more!…But to know it you will need to download and install it to find out 🙂 and keep me updated on what you find out!

Begin your evaluation of System Center 2012 SP1 with Windows Server 2012 today:

Brazil MVP IT ShowCast

September 9, 2012 Leave a comment

Confirmado um dos maiores eventos de Technologia online do ano em ligua portuguesa

Serão 4 meses direto de webcasts com 3 apresentações semanais. Dentre os temas estão:

  • Windows Server 2008/2012
  • Hyper-V 3.0
  • PowerShell
  • Exchange 2010/2013
  • Active Directory
  • System Center
  • Nuvem Privada
  • Certificação
  • Interoperabilidade
  • App-V
  • Windows 8
  • E muito mais

Confira a lista com nome, palestrantes, moderadores, datas e link para cadastro abaixo e não se esqueça de reservar sua agenda!

Novidades e benefícios do Hyper-V 3.0

Apresentador: Leandro Carvalho

Moderador: Alexandro Prado

Data: 10 de Setembro – Segunda (9 da manhã)

Link para Cadastro:


Windows Server 2012 Overview

Apresentador: Paulo Sant’anna

Moderador: Alexandro Prado

Data: 11 de Setembro – Terça (8 da noite)

Link para Cadastro:


Exchange Server 2013 – O que há de novo

Apresentador: Rover Marinho / Rafael Mantovani

Moderador: Robson Silva

Data: 13 de Setembro – Quinta (8 da noite)

Link para Cadastro:


Mais informacoes ??


Evaluate Windows 2012. Take Free, Online Windows Server 2012 Courses

September 5, 2012 Leave a comment


You can evaluate the Windows Server 2012 trial for 180 days, with no feature limits. Experience the next level of Microsoft’s server platform, including new virtualization and cloud capabilities, enhanced manageability, an exciting new open application and web platform, and the ability to provide access to data and applications from virtually anywhere on any device. Learn more about Evaluation Versions and Upgrade Options for Windows Server 2012.

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Take Free, Online Windows Server Courses
Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA) offers new Windows Server 2012 courses covering topics such as virtualization, server management and automation, networking, storage, and more. Check back regularly as new modules like identity and access, web and application platform management, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) are added.