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VMM 2016 1801 release. Configuration of guest clusters in SDN through VMM has undergone some changes.

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With the release of the update 1801 for System Center VMM 2016, configuration of guest clusters in SDN through VMM has undergone some changes.

With network controller in place, now VMs that are connected to the virtual network using SDN are only allowed to use the IP address that the network controller assigns for communication. Inspired by Azure networking design, VMM enables this feature by emulating the floating IP functionality through the Software Load Balancer (SLB) in the SDN.


IMPORTANT: Network Controller does not support floating IP addresses which are essential for technologies such as Microsoft Failover Clustering to work.


VMM supports guest clustering in SDN through an Internal Load Balancer(ILB) Virtual IP(VIP).  Guesting clustering is managed through the SDN NC. Before you start, ensure you have set up SDN and deployed NC and SLB

The ILB uses probe ports which are created on the guest cluster VMs to identify the active node. At any given time, the probe port of only the active node responds to the ILB and all the traffic directed to the VIP is routed to the active node



6 most commom Hyper-V configuration mistakes

February 7, 2018 1 comment

Microsoft MVPs Dave and Cristal Kawula developed an eBook when you’ll find useful information about what not to do when Installing and Configuring Hyper-V .

This eBook focuses on the 6 most important Hyper-V configuration mistakes made today and how to avoid them. You’ll learn about:

  • Common Deployment Mistakes
  • NUMA best practices that won’t affect performance
  • Proper use of Anti-Virus with Hyper-V
  • Proper use of Checkpoints

You can download the ebook here.

The eBook Authors: Dave Kawula – MVP and Cristal Kawula – MVP


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