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Hyper-V : 4 Tips to improves overall performance

Here are some performance tips that will improve the Hyper-V experience:

1. Allways install the the Integration Services. This will dramatically improves overall workload performance. ( Note : the Hyper-V Integration Services are already installed as part of W2008 R2 )

Note : it is important to check for the Virtual Machine Bus in Device Manager, to look for device malfunction.

2. DO NOT RUN services on the parent partition other the Hyper-V. ( This is suppose to be obvious!! )

 Run them in virtual machines instead The parent is differentiated for scheduling.

3.  When possible, use Windows Server 2008 and newer as the guest OS – fully enlightened.  Enlightenments reduce the cost of OS functions like memory management

Keep in mind that new operating systems run better than old operating systems.

4. Hyper-V Manager and Virtual Machine Connection sessions should be closed after use.  It consume resources. Hyper-V manager causes WMI activity in parent partition. Also, video emulation is disabled when Virtual Machine Connection is closed.

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