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Hyper-V Windows Server 2012 R2: New Generation Of Virtual Machines and Enhanced VM Interaction

July 1, 2013 4 comments

New in Hyper-V Windows Server 2012 R2:

A new generation of Virtual Machine (Generation 2), which will provides the following new features 

  • Legacy free :  IDE drives and legacy network adapter support has been removed
  • UEFI based
    • Many emulated devices removed
    • Boots from virtual SCSI or synthetic network adapters (virtual hard drive,virtual DVD drive).
    • UEFI Secure Boot (enabled by default). Secure Boot is a feature that helps prevent unauthorized firmware, operating systems, or UEFI drivers (also known as Option ROMs) from running at boot time. Generation 2 virtual machines can take advantage of Secure Boot
    • PXE boot using a standard network adapter. In previous versions of Hyper-V if you wanted to perform a remote installation of the guest operating system via PXE boot, you were required to install a legacy network adapter for PXE boot in addition to the standard network adapter that you would use after the operating system was installed
    • UEFI firmware support

Note : The new format is only supported with the following guest OS

  • Supported guest operating systems:
  • 64-bit versions of Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012
  • 64-bit versions of Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2

Important : Once a virtual machine has been created, you cannot change its generation. You can host VM’s of different generations type, side by side.  For operating systems that are not supported by generation 2 virtual machines, they will need to be installed in a generation 1 virtual machine.

Virtual machine operating system boot time can be up to 20% faster with generation 2 virtual machines.
Installing the guest operating system can be up to 50% faster with generation 2 virtual machines
Enhanced VM Interaction
  • Full remote desktop capabilities
    • Shared clipboard
    • Audio redirection
    • Enhanced login
  • Enabled even when the network is down
  • Integrated into Hyper-V Management experience