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Hyper-V and Jumbo Frames in 3 steps

February 3, 2014 2 comments

As we start working with 10GB nic’s and Hyper-V There are 3 required steps necessary to ensure JUMBO FRAMES proper configuration:

Important to understand: Jumbo Frames needs to be enable from end to end to work properly.

Enable JUMBO FRAMES in all physical hardware that are interconnected : switches, storage and servers. They must support jumbo packets and this feature must be enabled. Note: Almost all switches requires a reboot after jumbo frames have been configured.


Enable JUMBO FRAMES in the Hyper-V’s virtual switch. Hyper-V’s virtual switches are no different than any other TCP/IP implementation.


-Enable JUMBO FRAMES inside the VM (Guest OS). You can use PowerShell or use the GUI in Windows 2012 R2:


After the reboot you can test jumbo frames.

Use the ping command to test it, pinging from the VM to the switch for example.

eg. ping -f -l 8000

The -f parameter does not allow packets to be fragmented.
The -l parameter specifies the size of the packet.

Also remember to enable VMQ to improve performance  But it DOES help to reduce CPU cycles in that case