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Monitoring Virtual Machine Manager Jobs from OMS Log Analytics #VMM #OMS

February 26, 2018 Leave a comment Go to comments
vmm-analytics-log-analytics-screenImage Source: Harsh Vardhan Verma

Wondering how you could use Microsoft OMS to have a single view of the jobs’ status across multiple VMM instances?

Well, you can now deploy an open-source solution that can be included in your OMS workspace called Virtual Machine Manager Analytics . This solution brings in the job data of your on-premises VMM instances to the log analytics in OMS. VMM admins can then use this versatile platform to construct queries for searching the relevant data and creating data visualizations.

The Virtual Machine Manager Analytics solution comes with some built-in reports with preconfigured data visualizations so you can easily get started with frequently used queries, such as:

  • Distribution of failed jobs across VMM instances to easily scope down the broken instances.
  • Distribution of failures over time to find sudden spikes, and to help with correlating the cause and failures.
  • Distribution of failed jobs and errors to help with identifying the most error-prone jobs and the cause.
  • Distribution of the job runtime across different runs to identify the sluggish and error-prone jobs.

Additionally, the VMM jobs data in OMS Log Analytics can be correlated with the data from other OMS solutions for better debugging and auto resolution with Azure automation Runbooks

vmm-analytics-runbook-custom-timerangeImage Source: Francesco Molfese
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