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SCVMM 2012: Private Cloud Management. Got it!?

It’s great pleasure to see how far Microsoft SCVMM went with the SCVMM 2012.
Belevie me, it’s a whole new product.
So, if you are seriuos about Private Cloud Management, that’s the product you will look into.

•Fabric Management
◦Hyper-V and Cluster Lifecycle Management – Deploy Hyper-V to bare metal server, create Hyper-V clusters, orchestrate patching of a Hyper-V Cluster

◦Third Party Virtualization Platforms – Add and Manage Citrix XenServer and VMware ESX Hosts and Clusters

◦Network Management – Manage IP Address Pools, MAC Address Pools and Load Balancers

◦Storage Management – Classify storage, Manage Storage Pools and LUNs

•Resource Optimization
◦Dynamic Optimization – proactively balance the load of VMs across a cluster

◦Power Optimization – schedule power savings to use the right number of hosts to run your workloads – power the rest off until they are needed.

◦PRO – integrate with System Center Operations Manager to respond to application-level performance monitors.

•Cloud Management
◦Abstract server, network and storage resources into private clouds

◦Delegate access to private clouds with control of capacity, capabilities and user quotas

◦Enable self-service usage for application administrator to author, deploy, manage and decommission applications in the private cloud

•Service Lifecycle Management
◦Define service templates to create sets of connected virtual machines, os images and application packages

◦Compose operating system images and applications during service deployment

◦Scale out the number of virtual machines in a service

◦Service performance and health monitoring integrated with System Center Operations Manager

◦Decouple OS image and application updates through image-based servicing.

◦Leverage powerful application virtualization technologies such as Server App-V

Note: The SCVMM 2012 Beta is NOT Supported in production environments.
Download SCVMM 2012 Beta Now

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