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MVP 2010 : Powering our Skills

February 18, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
I am at Redmond right now, writing this article.
I just would like to express some feelings that I found here this year:

So far this year is the best ever experience I ever had. It’s really amazing what’s going on here : We are sharing experiences, LEARNING A LOT, improving our skills, having feedback for our suggestions from the program managers/engineers and developers, and so far so good, knowing what’s coming next releases, making new friends and meeting old ones from all world.

Guys this is the best experience ever.
As soon as the NDA allow, I will start blogging about what’s comming and why you should consider Hyper-V as your Virtualization Plataform and also System Center as the Managment Solution ( including VMM, MOM and of course DPM )
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