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Windows 2012: NEW XPS format : oxps is not compatible with Windows 7 xps format.

April 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Come on, this is something that I would not like to blog about : compatibility with previous versions

Today I saved on document as XPS and I noticed the .OXPS format. Very good that now we have support for the  standard OpenXPS  format.

The issue came up when I tried to open the document on my Windows 7 virtual machine : it could not open the .oxps document and for my surprise there is no Windows 7 update/fix to apply ( until today, 24/04/2012)  that will allow you to open that .oxps

So, based on this article,, I had to change the Windows 8 Default XPS format to the Microsoft XPS format, and after that, I had to open the .oxps and print it again, this time selecting Microsoft XPS format.

Note: In this article Microsoft mention about an XPSConverter.exe tool, but it is not available to download

I hope we got this change for RTM version, or at least the release of the XPSConverter.exe tool for public release/use


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