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VMM 2012 : SMI-S Providers : Supported Storage Arrays

June 3, 2012 1 comment

VMM 2012 : the following storage arrays supports the new storage automation features

List Updated up to May 2, 2012

Note: For the SMI-S provider type, a value of “proxy” indicates that you must install the SMI-S provider on a server that the VMM management server can access over the network by IP address or by FQDN. Do not install the SMI-S provider on the VMM management server itself.


Manufacturer/Series Model Download Link Protocol Minimum Controller   Firmware SMI-S Provider Type Provider Version
DellCompellent Storage Center Dell Compellent Solutions iSCSI/FC SC 5.5.4 and later,EM 5.5.5 and later Proxy* 1
EMCSymmetrix VMAX/VMAXe EMC PowerLink FC Enginuity 5875 or later Proxy* 4.3
EMC/VNX VNX EMC PowerLink iSCSI Flare   31 or   later Proxy* 4.3
EMC/CX4 All EMC PowerLink iSCSI/FC Flare   30 Proxy* 4.3
HP/P10000 V800/V400 Embedded iSCSI/FC HP   3PAR   InForm OS 3.1.1.P10 Embedded 1.4
HP/P2000   G3 Embedded iSCSI/FC TS240 Embedded 1.5
HP/P6000 P6300/P6500 HP iSCSI/FC 1000   0000 Proxy* 1.4
IBM/DS8000 941/951/961 Embedded FC Embedded 5.6.x5.7.x
IBM/XIV 2810/2812     (Gen 2) Embedded iSCSI/FC Embedded,10.2.2, 10.2.4.x
IBM/XIV 2810/2812     (Gen 3) Embedded iSCSI/FC Embedded 11.011.1
NetApp/FAS All NetApp NOW iSCSI/FC 7.2.5     (7-mode) Proxy* 4.0.1