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Hyper-V DR Solution

July 23, 2012 1 comment

DR is a key component of the Business Continuity Plan.

When considering DR options, virtualization is a game changer. Virtualization makes DR affordable to companies that could not afford it before. But in order to understand how DR can be optimized in a virtualized environment, it is important to understand the technical aspects, like replication functionality.

Remember : even though high availability can be achieved with clustering, this will not safeguard your businessfrom the entire data center or hosting facility going down (in case of a fire or a flood, for example). In this case you need a DR solution geographically dispersed.

Last week I started writing about Hyper-V DR solution in Windows 2012:

Keep watching this blog for the part 2…

Also, there is a good DR solution document for Windows 2008R2 here :

and here : Hyper-V in the Real World –Multi-Site DR with the System Center Suite of Products–multi-site-dr-with-the-system-center-suite-of-products.aspx