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Annual Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR) released

Yesterday, Microsoft published volume 24 of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR).

The SIR is widely viewed as a credible, unparalleled source of information for IT professionals, security executives, governments, and the security industry at large, regarding the evolving threat landscape. Based on our extensive view of the threat landscape through analysis of over 6.5 trillion security signals daily, the SIR is one of the most comprehensive reports in the industry.

  • SIR Volume 24 is an annual report that covers some of the key threat trends in 2018, including cryptocurrency mining, phishing and supply chain attacks. It also shares assessments based on our threat research and recommendations on how to protect against threats.

  • In addition, for the very first time, we have launched an interactive version of the SIR as a complement to the annual report to enable viewers to dig into the data in more detail and be able to filter by country and/or time period. We intend to update the site monthly and add new and noteworthy insights over time.

You can download the report at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/security/operations/security-intelligence-report

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