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Springboard Series Insider – Spotlight of the month. @MSSpringboard

Microsoft Windows releases a monthly newsletter called Springboard Series Insider. This is a vastly popular online publication targeting IT Pros and anyone interested in Windows.

Only a few are listed in the Springboard Series Insider. So I am really happy and proud for this recognition. Thank you!


The Insider provides their subscribers with

  • New Resources
  • Windows Tip of the Month
  • Something to Blog About
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Internet Explorer IT Corner
  • Tweet Alert
  • Events and Training
  • Sneak Peek: For Insiders Only

This month the main theme is Windows 8.1 updates, which provides a number of features designed to improve the Windows 8.1 experience for enterprise environments.

If you haven’t signed up yet, now it is time :

Sign up for the Springboard Series Insider newsletter

Note: As always, if you have any suggestions on content you’d like to see or resources you need, please reach out to Microsoft anytime at springboard@microsoft.com. In the meantime, enjoy this month’s edition of the Springboard Series Insider and be sure to try out Windows 8.1 Update!


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