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Hyper-V is the #1 Hypervisor in Latin America

February 25, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

Hyper-V is ranked number one in Latin America for x86 virtualization. The graphic below shows the adoption since 2008. Looking at that, I can see that it will grow more and more, as Windows 2012/R2 roll out increases.

Best-in-class features, performance, flexibility, simplified IT administration and cloud ready OS, allied with costs saving , I am sure are the drivers behind this adoption. Plus when you add System Center, you can take advantage of unified compute resources, data storage and networking administration which span physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Microsoft has closed the gap with its closest competitor : VMware.  The adoption of IT virtualization infrastructure is an example of how Latin America is one of the emerging markets that will shape what IDC calls the “Third IT Platform.”


According to IDC, in 2014 emerging markets will see almost 100% more smart connected devices shipped than in developed markets. They will also see their cloud computing spending increase seven-fold, and, in terms of Big Data, they will account for more than 40% of the ‘digital universe’ in 2014.


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