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How to ensure that you continuously learn and stay relevant in a transforming profession

That professionals with the right skills are able to receive higher salaries we already know. We also know that the value of a particular skill and certification depends on the demand it generates from the industry.

But how can we address this? How come we become one of the “most wanted professional”?

I would start with continously learning,  certification and then experience and then back again to study, certification… you got it!

I do believe that certification encourage students to develop the skills that are necessary and this is essential in IT. But it needs to come with experience. So get your hands on!

Microsoft Learning is addressing this need for new skills by ensuring it offers training and certifications that enable IT Pros and Developers to develop and validate their skill sets across this new range of skills with a focus on specific technology solutions. One example of this effort is the recently announced private cloud certification.

You can start today by heading over to the Microsoft Private Cloud Certification Overview page : http://www.microsoft.com/learning/en/us/certification/cert-private-cloud.aspx?wt.mc_id=cloud_msl_mctflash_jan

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