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Hyper-V Dynamic Memory Help SQL Server Workload

One of the most important system resources for SQL Server is memory.

Lack of memory resources for the database engine results in increased I/O that is orders of magnitude slower than accessing memory.

One of the key benefits of leveraging dynamic memory is the flexibility to respond to the needs of a particular workload that would benefit from additional memory resources and make the most use out of all physical memory resources on a system.

VERY IMPORTANT : The benefit of additional memory depends on your workload.

The main highlights of using DM are:

– Without Hyper-V Dynamic Memory the virtual machines would have to be sized with a specific amount of static memory to ensure that all virtual machines could run on a single node in the case of a failover.

– The additional memory provides significant reduction in the number of I/O operations needed to support the same workload throughput.

– It should be noted that the benefit depends on your workload.

To read the complete review: :Running SQL Server with Hyper-V Dynamic Memory – Best Practices and Considerations

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