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TechNet Live Meetings are back featuring IE9 all through April!

Session 1

Title:  TechNet Live! Australia – Internet Explorer 9 – New Features

Abstract:  In this session we discuss how IE9 is fast, clean and the most trusted browser on the market today.  We’ll take you through the changes since IE8 and the speed improvements we’ve made and how we now take advantage of the GPU in your computer instead of just the CPU!  We’ll then take you through the changes to the interface including the integration with Windows 7.  Finally we’ll discuss security feature changes in IE9.  There will be demo’s throughout this session showing each of the major new feature changes.

  • Date:  Friday April 8th 2011
  • Time:  11:00am – 12:30PM AEST
  • Registration:  Click here to Register

Session 2

Title:  TechNet Live! Australia – Security in Internet Explorer 9

Abstract:  Security when browsing the web is more important today than it ever has been.  In this session we’ll talk about the core security changes in Internet Explorer 9 and how they just keep you browsing even if there is a problem with the site.  We’ll discuss how we have built upon the security advancements we made with Internet Explorer 8 and what’s new and what’s been enhanced.  We’ll also demonstrate the UI features that enhance security.  Finally we’ll discuss and show the group policy settings for IE9 security.

Session 3

Title:  TechNet Live! Australia – Deploying Internet Explorer 9

Abstract:  Installing Internet Explorer 9 on 1 or 2 machines is easy but what if you need to deploy it to hundreds or even thousands of machines?  In this session we’ll discuss some of the options available for deploying Internet Explorer 9 in the enterprise.  We’ll discuss deploying Internet Explorer 9 into a Windows image via slipstreaming,  customizing the Internet Explorer 9 installation using the IEAK and managing the settings for Internet explorer 9 through Group Policy.  In each section we’ll go through the concepts and tools you need and then show you how it works.

Session 4

Title:  Application Compatibility with Internet Explorer 9

Abstract:  As part of any deployment project whether it’s OS upgrade or a new browser such as Internet Explorer 9, you need to think about how your existing applications are going to work.  In this session we’ll give you an overview of Internet Explorer compatibility and what has changed since earlier versions of Internet Explorer.  Then we discuss and show you some of the compatibility tools that are available to help you get there and finally we’ll discuss and show you some of the ways to virtualize Internet Explorer.

I hope you can take the time to attend these events as I think you will be glad you did.

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