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Hyper-V Cloud Program

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To help you deploy commercial private and public clouds based on Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V, System Center, and related products, Microsoft offers a set of programs and initiatives called Hyper-V Cloud. These programs can help you:

Microsoft is also investing in a set of engagements to help customers with IaaS assessments, proofs-of-concept, and deployments with help from our partners or Microsoft Services. The investments are designed to help reduce the risk, cost, and time associated with testing and deploying a cloud environment.

Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track Partners

 Get an infrastructure as a service private cloud with a pre-validated configuration from server partners in the Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track. Offerings from the Fast Track program combine Microsoft software; consolidated guidance; validated configurations from OEM partners for compute, network, and storage; and value-added software components.

Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track partner offerings provide flexibility and choice while reducing risk and increasing the speed of deployment. Read the solution briefs below to learn about the available options from each partner.

For Dell solution, click here

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