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SCDPM 2010: Backup Machines in a Workgroup/DMZ. How to protect your Hyper-V Servers that are not domain joined


One of the greatest features of SCDPM 2010 is the ability to backup machines that are in a workgroup/DMZ/untrusted domain. This is good for example because some of my Hyper-V serveres are in the workgroup mode.

1.  Install the DPM agent on the server you want to protect. Copy the agent folder to that server and double click the EXE and wait for the message to tell you that the agent was installed successfully.  You then might need to reboot.  

    • x86 : <installation drive>Program FilesMicrosoft DPMDPMProtectionAgentsRA3.0.7558.0i386DPMAgentInstaller_x86.exe
    • x64 : <installation drive>Program FilesMicrosoft DPMDPMProtectionAgentsRA3.0.7558.0amd64DPMAgentInstaller_x64.exe

Also, copy the SetDPMServer.exe from <installation drive>Program FilesMicrosoft Data Protection ManagerDPMbin

Once the agent is installed it needs to be configured.  This is done using SetDPMServer.exe 

2. Run SetDPMServer.exe with following arguments, you need to specify the DPM server name and a user name for a new local account to be created.

SetDPMServer.exe -DPMServerName <DPMServerName> -IsNonDomainServer -UserName <NewUserName>

You will be prompted to give a password for the new user account and to confirm it, once done the agent is configured and the relevant changes have been made to the Windows firewall.


3. Now the agent needs to be attached to the DPM server.  Attaching DPM agents to a DPM server can be done through the DPM GUI .  

  • To attach a non-domain server agent:
  • Open the DPM console 
  • Select the Management Pane
  • on the Actions menu, Click Install   
  • Select Attach agents,  when the Protection Agent Installation Wizard opens.
  • Type the name of the untrusted computer that the DPM agent is installed on
  • Type the user name and password specified when running SetDPMServer.exe.  
  • Click "Add >" to add the computer to the selected computers list.
  • Click Attach


Now, you can create a protection group to protect the data on the machine. To do that, click on Protection Pane and select Create Proection Group, as usual

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