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Manage your VMware environment using SCVMM scripts

January 22, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Do you know that you can create scripts using cmdlets that are provided with SCVMM 2008 to manage your VMware environment ?

For example, you can use the Add-VirtualizationManager cmdlet to add a VirtualCenter Server.

# Description:   Adds a VMware VirtualCenter Server to VMM.
# Connect to the VMM server.
Get-VMMServer -ComputerName "VMMServer1.Contoso.com"

# Define the variables.
$AddCredential = Get-Credential
$Cert= Get-Certificate -Computername "VirtMgrServer01.Contoso.com"

# Require user to accept the certificate before adding the VirtualCenter Server.
Write-Host "Following is the certificate information for this VirtualCenter Server:"
$AcceptCert = Read-Host "Do you accept this certificate? If you accept, enter Y."
If ($AcceptCert -eq "Y")
     # Add the Virtual Center Server.
     Add-VirtualizationManager -ComputerName "VirtMgrServer01.Contoso.com" -Certificate $Cert –TCPPort 443 -Credential $AddCredential -SecureMode $TRUE
     Write-Host "The script cannot continue unless the certificate is verified. Ending script."

After you add the VirtualCenter Server, you can manage the VMware ESX Server hosts.



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