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About vulnerability in Internet Explorer

January 22, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
As you may be aware, late last week we get noticed that a vulnerability in Internet Explorer has been associated with the recently publicised attacks against Google.
The facts to date:

. There have been a very limited number of targeted attacks against a small number of corporations.
. Attacks seen to date are only effective against Internet Explorer 6.
. Attacks are NOT widespread.
. Thus far we are NOT seeing attacks focused on consumers.

It is important to note that all software has vulnerabilities and switching browsers in an attempt to protect against this one, highly publicised, but currently limited attack can inadvertently create a false sense of security. Moreover, IE8 has built-in security features, such as the SmartScreen filter, that other browsers do not have.
These features protect against real threats to consumers, such as socially engineered malware and phishing attacks.

We strongly recommend those using Internet Explorer 6 or Internet Explorer 7 upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 as soon as possible to benefit from the improved security protections it offers.

IE8 can be downloaded here.

Recomendation :  those using Windows XP SP2 upgrade to Windows XP SP3.

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