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Virtualisation for cost savings and value.

Server Virtualisation

Hardware Virtualisation uses software to create a Virtual Machine (VM) that emulates a physical computer. This creates a separate OS environment that is logically isolated from the host server. By providing multiple VMs at once, this approach allows several operating systems to run simultaneously on a single physical machine.

Rather than paying for many under-utilised server machines, each dedicated to a specific workload, server virtualisation allows those workloads to be consolidated onto a smaller number of more fully-used machines.



  • Helps consolidate multiple, under-utilised physical servers on a single host, running Virtual Machines
  • Helps reduce workforce/space/kilowatt by leveraging virtualisation for server consolidation and agility
  • Helps save money because less management, less space and less kilowatt hours are needed

Resuming, virtualisation technologies enable you to optimise your assets, centrally managing all of your physical and virtual resources across multiple hypervisors down to the application level.


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