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Novell SUSE Integration Components (Beta) for Hyper-V R2 (Beta)

Novell SUSE Integration Components (Beta) for Hyper-V R2 (Beta)

The Beta Linux ICs provide synthetic device support for SUSE Enterprise Linux 10 running in a Hyper-V R2 Beta virtual machine. This includes a port of VMBus as well as drivers to support the synthetic network adapter and synthetic storage controller.   With these new Linux IC’s for Hyper-V R2 performance of Linux is significantly improved.  Internal benchmarks are showing considerably improved levels of throughput, and networking performance has increased substantially over V1.

You can grab the Integration Components from here.

Improved Mouse Driver Support in Linux Guest Operating Systems

Building on the advances made above with the Linux IC’s, one of the most common questions we’ve received from both internal users as well as our external customers has been the lack of an enlightened mouse driver, which caused issues when remotely connecting to a Hyper-V host and trying to interact with a Linux guest, and in all honesty, the whole Linux mouse control experience needed to be better.

To solve the problem, Citrix have released the InputVSC driver for Hyper-V. This driver provides enlightened mouse driver support for Linux virtual machines, allowing the mouse to be moved in and out of the VMConnect window without using the CTRL-ALT-LeftArrow escape sequence. This driver also enables the use of the mouse when connected to a remote Hyper-V host over a Remote Desktop Connection session.

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