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IE8 Release Candidate 1 Available NOW

IE8 Release Candidate 1 Available NOW

The good news is you can get some now – RC1 is available today on the IE8 site.

To get you started along your way, I thought I’d share the 8 biggies – that’s the 8 biggest things you need to know – about IE8.

1. Compatibility: The clever worker bees over at Microsoft Corp have been working hard to ensure IE8 is the most standards-compliant browser we’ve ever put to market. Check out the Internet Explorer Compatibility Center to make sure your visitors have the best experience when they’re viewing in IE8.

2. Security: IE8 is the most secure browser we’ve built to date. Check out the long list of security features, from the new and improved SmartScreen filter, domain highlighting and cross site scripting for all you devs.

3. Accelerators: A powerful new way to get stuff done! See them in action here. Check out the MSDN guide on how to build Accelerators.

4. WebSlices: WebSlices allow you to tear off parts of a page and doc them into the tool bar. Very powerful for highly trafficked and subscribe-able content. Check out the MSDN guide on how to build WebSlices.

5. Visual Search: Possibly my favorite of the new batch of features in IE8. Visual search adds steroids to your search box, by allowing you to add suggestions. See them in action here and check out the MSDN guide on how to build VisualSearch.

6. IE Add-ons: IEAddons.com is the premium library of the latest Accelerators, WebSlices and VisualSearch. Finally a central home for this sort of stuff. Be sure to get your IE8 Add-ons into the library.

7. InPrivate Browsing: For those who want to go to places online where you don’t want to be spied on, you know places like umm, well, you know where, InPrivate Browsing clears all personal (cookies, history etc) data from the session once you close the browser.

8. MSDN Developer Center for IE8: This is the Mecca of awesome content for anyone who wants to take advantage of any of the developer features of IE8. I highly recommend a quick squiz.

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