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Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 with Service Pack‏ : Solution Accelerator

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Exchange Server 2010 supports a variety of infrastructure topologies that enable IT departments to deploy the messaging architecture that best suits their business needs. This guide will help organizations make informed decisions about the design of fault tolerance and scalability so that their overall requirements are met.

The guide covers these key steps in the Exchange Server 2010 infrastructure design process:

·     Defining the project scope by identifying your individual business and IT requirements for a messaging infrastructure.

·     Mapping features and functionality based on the defined scope to develop the appropriate Exchange Server 2010 design.

·     Designing the infrastructure and role requirements for the proposed Exchange Server 2010 architecture.

·     Determining the sizing, fault tolerance, and physical placement of Exchange Server 2010 roles.

The IPD Guide for Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 with Service Pack 1 can help you reduce planning time and costs, and ensure a successful rollout of Exchange Server 2010-helping your organization to more quickly benefit from this flexible and reliable platform.

 Download the beta guide here.

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