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SCVMM : Windows 7 Template Creation Error : –2147024864

October 27, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments
if you got the error :  –2147024864 when using sysprep to create a Windows 7 Template in SCVMM, the workaround is to stop the Windows Media Sharing service before executing sysprep.  Once the service is stopped, you will be able to sysprep the Windows 7 VM and successfully create a template. 

Here are the Release Notes from the RC that discusses this issue.  It’s about half way down under the System Preparation Tool section

Remember :  To create the template, the local admin password must be blank.  (no pawword). This might require modification of the local security policy or overriding a domain security policy.
The easy way (using SCVMM) is to build your VM, with a blank administrator password.  Power it off. Right click and choose the template option.

SCVMM takes care of applying sysprep.

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