Hyper-V Integration Services should be updated after applying SP1 on Virtual Machines

Now that you installed SP1 on Hyper-V/Windows 2008 R2 servers, you should upgrade the Integration Services in all virtual machines or have the SP1 installed on the VM’s also.

To do this using the Virtual Machine Manager, connect to the VM :

1. Click in ACTION,
2. C
lick Insert Integration Services Setup Disk
3. Click Install Hyper-V Integration Services
4. Click OK, when a message informing about a previous installation show.

To check the Integration Services version, look at the Driver version of the Microsoft Virtual Machine Bus Network Adapter in Device Manager

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3 Responses to Hyper-V Integration Services should be updated after applying SP1 on Virtual Machines

  1. RobertSeattle says:

    WHy hasn’t Microsoft come up with an automated way to do this? I’ve got hundreds of VMs and this is a pain in the —.

    Hi Robert

    You can use WSUS/SCCM to automate the deployment of updates in your network

  2. bob-K says:

    Did they also upgrade the Linux Integration Services too? Once you upgrade to Sp1 the old Linux integrated servers do not work.


    • Hi
      The Linux Integration Services should work fine with SP1. What Linux Distribution are you working with?
      There is a new versio of the ICS for RedHat 6 which is in fact an rpm package

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